TV Clip for Playstation Camera

TV Clip for Playstation Camera

The Officially Licensed TV Clip for the PlayStation®4 Camera,designed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Japan, is compatible with all flat screen TVs.

The TV Clip’s unique built-in connector securely holds the camera in place while allowing full adjustment to the camera’s viewing angles.

The TV Clip can also function independently from your TV and as a desktop stand for your Playstation®4 Camera.


  • Designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc in Japan
  • Compatible with all flat screen TVs
  • Fully adjustable for TV depth
  • Unique connecter built into TV Clip to hold camera in place
  • TV Clip allows full adjustment of the PlayStation®Camera's viewing angle
  • The design also allows the TV Clip to be used as a fully   adjustable desktop mount


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Instruction Booklet

4G-4382 Instruction Booklet